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Superevent is the perfect all-in-one event platform to power your in-person, virtual and hybrid events. Engaging for your attendees and simple to set up!

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5,000+ events
3,000+ organizers
32+ countries
700,000+ attendees

Powering every event type

Our platform consists of all features your events might require throughout the year. When necessary, it supports seamlessly switchting between event types.

In-person events

Our powerfull mobile apps help attendees enjoy your event even more.

Hybrid events

Streaming and interactivity features complent the mobile apps perfectly.

Virtual events

Experience events with great interactivity and let attendees fully immerse.

Organizers love our platform

Our management dashboard allows you to easily set up your event platform in a few clicks. Without any technical experience you're able to customize your apps and manage your attendees easily and fast.

Centralize all your attendee communication with our intuitive tools and and lessen the burden of your onsite team with your information easily available in the apps. All for a super competitive price that fits your event budget.

“The dashboard was so easy to work with. I created my event very quickly, and the instant updates were very useful! My team and I are also impressed by the support, it was so helpful, every step of the way.”

Emma Turley, Revolution Events
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Attendees will love you

Our platform has been optimized for attendee experience througout the last ten years. With great usability and features your attendees actually make use of, the apps are a great success at every event.

Your event app will be available on computers, mobile phones and tablets. Everywhere your attendees go they will have access to all information.

“We got a lot of positive feedback from our attendees after using Superevent! Even our less digitally-native audience found the platform super intuitive!”

Lydia Maurer, Biotronik
Attendee experience

The environment as well...

Superevent helps events become more sustainable since 2012. Stop printing huge schedule or abstract books and reduce travel with our hybrid and virtual tools.


Some of the great companies we work with…

Business Circle

Why our customers choose us

High Engagement

Our platform and apps are designed around attendee engagement. Keep them interested in your content and fellow attendees before, on and after the event.

Concierge Service

Organizers love our team. We help you with configuring your event, questions and everything you might need. We got you.

Budget Friendly

No demos or quotes required to see our prices. Transparent, simple and affordable for every event.

Total Control

You don't want to be dependent on a developer. With Superevent you got total control over your platform and app. Change everything within minutes.

AOB elevated their association event with us
Learn how Superevent created an event-app that was a big success.
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We don't do dance festivals...

...our team loves them though! 🕺 But at Superevent we specialize in professional events where attendees attend sessions and network in a business, medical or academic setting.

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Ready to amaze your attendees?

Superevent will power your hybrid, virtual or in-person event with technology that will amaze your attendees. For you as organizer it will be a breeze to work with our software and team. Affordable, easy and happy attendees!

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