Mobile Event App

Superevent offers a very complete mobile event app to make your event even more successful! The event guide features cater all on-event needs and the interactivity & networking possibilities bring your event to the next level.

Highlighted features

Social Wall

Bring your attendee engagement to the next century. Let them share their event photo's and messages on a private event social network.


Forget spam via Linkedin or e-mail. Attendees can network and interact with each other safely via the event App.


Days of awkward silences and showing hands are over. Attendees easily ask questions via your event App and moderators immediately know what's buzzing in the audience.


Ever rented those expensive audience response systems? No more. Interactively poll your audience in a session or throughout the event.

Available on all devices

Every attendee can use your Event App because it's available on all devices! We have native apps for Android & iOS on tablet and phones and a HTML version suitable for all others. So even Windows Phone or Desktop users can be kept in the loop!

Some additional features...


Display your event's schedule with all related content.


Show your attendees, speakers & participants.


Showcase your sponsors or exhibitors.

Personal schedules

Define a personal program for your attendees.


Easily organise all event and presentation content.

Info pages

Informational pages, A-Z indexes and more.


Send notifications to your App users.


Quiz or survey your App users with custom surveys.


Floorplans of your event venue.


Include every website that enhances your App.


Use iBeacons to make your event more interactive.


Enhance engagement with gamification elements.

It's a breeze to build your App

Creating your Event App with Superevent is super easy! You can drag & drop your features into the App and immediately start editing those. No coding or technical experience required and publish whenever you are ready, not the account manager.

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