Event App Management

The Superevent Content Management System (CMS) allows you to very easily create and manage your App.
But not only that, it even helps you organise and manage your event itself.

Build your App in minutes!

Creating your Event App with Superevent is super easy! You can drag & drop your features into the App and immediately start editing those. No coding or technical experience required.

Keep everyone in the loop

Within the CMS you can send out push notifications to all your attendees. It is also possible to send e-mail broadcasts for App invitations or other organisational matters.

Manage your attendees

Our CMS easily let's you manage your attendees. Invite them for the App, organise them by groups, set their personal schedules and so on. You can insert them one-by-one or easily import them from excel.

We're here to help!

Any questions while creating your App? No problem! Our support team is standby and one mouse click away to make sure you can create an awesome App!

Ready to create your own event app?

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