Accommodating every event, from small to large.

Superevent app
€ 750

Your event will be published in the Superevent app.

  • - Event in Superevent app
  • - Includes all app features
  • - Perfect when on a budget
  • - Superevent user accounts
Event app
€ 2000

Your own custom event app in the app stores.

  • - Your own custom app
  • - Includes all app features
  • - Perfect for a one-off event
  • - Superevent user accounts
Multi-event app
€ 4000
/ year

Your own custom app in the app stores. Suitable for multiple events a year.

  • - Your own custom app
  • - Includes all app features
  • - Continuous app updates
  • - Includes one event / year
  • - Additional events € 750 each
  • - Superevent user accounts
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When do i pay?

You can start to create and test your event app for free. Only when your event app is finished and you are ready to invite your attendees to use the app you will be charged with your applicable fees.

Is there a free version of Superevent?

For small events up to hunderd attendees we offer a free lite version of Superevent. You can publish your event in the Superevent app and use all app features except for interactivity features like Q&A's, polling, etc.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Contact us if you require other payment methods or PO invoices.

What are Superevent user accounts?

All Superevent apps use our Superevent user network. This means that if someone already used a Superevent app before they don't have to create another account and profile in the next app. This increases your adoption and the ease of use of your app.

Can i create a white-label app?

We offer the possibility of a fully white-label event app with your own user environment for an additional fee. Get in touch with us to arrange this or other custom requirements.

Any other questions?

No problem! Get in touch with us via e-mail or the contact page.