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PCOS and Agencies

Craft remarkable events for your clients

The all-in-one platform for conference organizers and agencies, designed to revolutionize the way you manage your clients' events. Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, we provide a modern platform to publish event apps.

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“Why create an app for my client’s event?”

Wondering how to level up your clients' events? An event app centralizes crucial details like schedules and adds interactive features to make lasting connections with other attendees, whether it’s in person, virtual, or a hybrid event. Plus, with features for real-time updates and chats, it keeps everyone informed and engaged across any event format.

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There is a reason <text-span-blue70>professional conference organizers<text-span-blue70> switch to Superevent

The Old Way

Cumbersome paper schedules and directories

Limited engagement and networking opportunities

Generic, unpersonalized attendee experience

High costs, extensive preparation, and environmental impact

The Superevent Way

All essential information neatly organized in a user-friendly app

Enhanced interaction, networking, and engagement effortlessly

Personalized, responsive, and rewarding attendee experiences

Environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and easy to manage

It’s never been easier to create an event app for your clients

And if you do need any help, our best-in-class customer support team is always here to assist.

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Drag, drop, done

Create your event app effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Say goodbye to complicated coding and design processes.

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Make it yours

Personalize your event app with your brand's unique look and feel, making it instantly recognizable and engaging for your attendees.

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One-click publish

With a simple click, make your customized event app available on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for all attendees.

Everything you need to run an amazing event

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Customizable & user-friendly apps

Our intuitive drag-and-drop builder allows you to craft stunning, fully-branded event apps without needing any coding skills. It's all about giving you the power to publish across iOS and Android platforms effortlessly, ensuring your clients' brands shine through every detail.

In a crunch for time? Send over the app contents and we’ll build your app for you within a week.
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Time-saving features & support

Streamline your event management with seamless integrations and dedicated support from our team. Superevent's CMS is designed to ease app and user management, freeing up your time to focus on the broader event experience.

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Immersive event experiences

Transform attendee experiences with interactive features like live chat, Q&A, and voting. Centralize all crucial event information in one place, from schedules to announcements, ensuring attendees have everything they need at their fingertips.

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Sponsor visibility

Our platform allows you to create customizable, interactive profiles for each sponsor and exhibitor, ensuring they get the prominence and engagement they deserve. Guide attendees effortlessly with dynamic floor maps.

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Transparent pricing

Our pricing models are designed with your business in mind, offering transparency and the potential to increase your profit margins. Set your pricing for clients, adding value to your comprehensive event management services.

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Build lasting community

Transform attendees into an active community before, during, and after your event. Start conversations early with networking features and keep the engagement alive post-event with access to valuable content. Turn every event into an opportunity to foster connections and grow your community.

Any event type, anywhere

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, we’ve got you covered. Have a change of plans? No problem. You can even switch between event types when you need to.

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the world

We got a lot of positive feedback from our attendees after using Superevent! Even our less digitally-native audience found the platform super intuitive!
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Lydia Maurer


The dashboard was so easy to work with. I created my event very quickly, and the instant updates were very useful! My team and I are also impressed by the support, it was so helpful, every step of the way.
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Emma Turley

Revolution Events

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Superevent and our event platform.

How do I create an event app?

Begin creating your event app for free here. Simply input the name and date, then use our drag-and-drop builder to add your first features. We recommend starting with the Program feature and entering the details of your sessions. Don't worry—our Customer Success team will reach out to assist you. If you prefer, you can book a call, and we'll help set you up!

How much does an event app cost?

One price, all features. Our pricing model is simple and transparent. We don't offer Basic, Medium, or Premium packages; there is just one price for all features! The cost of the event app depends on the number of attendees at your event, with all features included (except for a few add-ons). More information is available on our pricing page, or you can schedule a call to get a custom quote.

Can I customize my event app?

Absolutely, your event application is fully customizable to meet your needs. You have the freedom to apply your unique branding to the application. Alter the colors to match your brand's color scheme, changing the names to reflect your event or organization, modifying the icons to better suit your aesthetic, change up the language, and so much more!

How can attendees register?

Every single attendee is provided with a unique login code. This code can be conveniently distributed through the backend of your designated event application, providing an efficient way to monitor who successfully downloaded your application, or need a friendly reminder. This helps to ensure everyone is prepared and connected before the event starts, contributing to a smoother and more successful event experience.

Do you provide a white-label app?

Absolutely! By opting for the Branded App add-on, you gain access to a distinctive platform uniquely yours. You will have your very own white label event app, which will be available across all app stores. This means it's not just an event app, but a representation of your brand, carrying your name, your logo, and your distinct branding.

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