Case Study: How Superevent Elevated AOB’s Annual Congress With a Tailored Event App

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Academia Ophthalmologica Belgica (AOB), a leading medical association, partnered with Superevent for the 7th time to elevate their attendee experience at their Annual Congress. With over 1600 visitors, the medical association needed an event app that would ensure smooth communication and easy event management.

Ease of use was highly appreciated

After researching various event apps, Ophthalmologica Belgica chose Superevent due to its good communication, smooth setup, and ease of use. The Superevent team worked closely with Ophthalmologica Belgica to create a tailored event app that would meet their specific needs.

Throughout the event, Superevent's event app provided attendees with a seamless and engaging experience. Attendees were able to navigate the complex parallel program, plan their schedules, and customize their experiences based on their interests. The digital floor plan made it easy for attendees to find exhibitors and navigate the event space, ensuring they didn't miss out on any important sessions or exhibitors.

“Creating an event app was very easy. It was just a matter of having the graphics prepared and adding content.”

Christy Lacroix -
Executive Officer

Everyone was kept up-to-date in a familiar looking event app

Superevent's push notification feature kept attendees informed and engaged before and throughout the event. The notifications were targeted to specific users or attendee groups and included various forms of content such as pictures, videos, and clickable links, which could be used to drive traffic to sponsors, partners, and exhibitors.

One important service that Ophthalmologica Belgica appreciated was Superevent's branded app. The standalone app in the App Store reflected the organization's brand, providing a digital representation of the event. The app also helped to keep the community together throughout the year, by allowing attendees to stay connected.

Delighted attendees and a satisfied organizer

Overall, the event app was a great success for Ophthalmologica Belgica, providing attendees with an engaging, streamlined, and personalized experience. The good communication, smooth setup, and ease of use of Superevent allowed the medical association to focus on creating an impactful event, while our data team took care of the technical aspects of the event app. With the help of Superevent, Ophthalmologica Belgica was able to elevate their event and make it a success.

If you’re looking to upgrade your next event with a custom event app, reach out to us today. We’d be delighted to offer a custom demo of Superevent and show you how it can transform your next event into a seamless and engaging experience. You can find us at our contact page, or book a demo directly via this link.

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