7 Best Attendify Alternatives to Boost Your Event Experience

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October 4, 2023

Event management success hinges on an adaptable tool. Attendify was one of the most popular options before its acquisition and decommissioning in 2021 by Hopin. In turn, Hopin was taken over by RingCentral in 2023.

If you’re on the hunt for an alternative event tool with a less tumultuous history of takeovers or were already exploring options before the news broke, you’re in luck.

In this Superevent guide, we’ll explore seven great alternatives to Attendify, highlighting their features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Event organizers can make well-informed decisions to improve attendee satisfaction and overall event success by considering these alternatives.

Let’s get started!

What Is Attendify?

Attendify, once a fully integrated online and mobile event app platform, was acquired by Hopin in 2021 and used to build out the company’s event offering. As a result, the Attendify product no longer exists (neither does Hopin).

Attendify focused on three event management areas—virtual event hosting, mobile event app, and event marketing. It offered a user-friendly design and straightforward DIY tools to help you make your event shine.

Attendify features included creating a private social network for your event, seamless content management, a digital event guide, photo sharing, an in-app sponsor platform, messaging, browsing, and personal profiles.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing Attendify Alternatives

Presentation Tools

One of the primary objectives of event management platforms is to offer robust presentation tools that facilitate engaging and informative sessions. Evaluate alternatives like Supervent, which boasts user-friendly interfaces and diverse presentation formats. 

Look for features such as customizable templates, interactive multimedia integration, and easy content sharing. The ability to seamlessly host different types of sessions, from keynotes to workshops, with dynamic presentation tools can significantly enhance the overall attendee experience.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Insights gleaned from events can drive informed decision-making and strategic planning. Look for alternatives like SpotMe that offer comprehensive data analytics and reporting functionalities. These platforms should provide real-time metrics on attendee engagement, session popularity, and interaction trends.

Robust reporting tools enable event organizers to fine-tune future events based on actual attendee behavior and preferences, ultimately leading to more impactful and successful gatherings.

Audience Engagement

Engaging attendees and fostering meaningful interactions is pivotal for the success of any event. Consider alternatives like Webex, which prioritizes audience engagement through features like interactive polls, live Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities.

Look for platforms like Superevent that facilitate real-time interactions between speakers, panelists, and attendees, creating an immersive and participatory event environment.


Opting for an alternative that aligns with your budget doesn't mean compromising quality. Look for platforms like Splash that offer competitive pricing structures without sacrificing essential features.

Seek alternatives that provide a clear breakdown of pricing tiers and the value each tier brings. This transparency lets you decide which features are essential for your event and which can be foregone to optimize costs.

6 Best Attendify Alternatives

  1. Superevent: Best for managing and coordinating large-scale events.
  2. EventX: Best for end-to-end event management.
  3. Eventspace By SpotMe:  Best for enhancing attendee engagement through interactive features.
  4. Eventsquid: Best for live event management.
  5. Webex Events: Best for hosting interactive virtual events with multi-track agendas and attendee networking.
  6. Splash Event: Best for measuring event ROI and program effectiveness.
  7. CONREGO: Best for organizers handling multiple events simultaneously.

Alternative #1: Superevent 

Superevent is an all-in-one event platform that powers in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. 

It offers engaging features for attendees and an easy setup process for organizers. With thousands of events and organizers worldwide, Superevent provides powerful mobile apps, immersive virtual experiences, and intuitive management tools. It focuses on sustainability and has a range of trusted customers. 


  • Social Wall: Allow Guests to post their thoughts, reactions, and comments using a Facebook-like format.
  • 1-on-1 Messaging: Participants can exchange messages, video calls, and images.
  • Q&A, Surveys, and Voting: Polls can be created and used to collect feedback or insights from attendees.
  • Personal Agendas: Guests can create personal agendas based on events that interest them.
  • Notifications & Alerts: Send instant notifications when events start, end, or are moved to ensure interested guests can attend.
  • Attendee Information: Simplify the attendee experience with floor plans, timetables, speaker profiles, and event information.
  • Web & Mobile Support: Compatible with both web and mobile devices through native apps.
  • Live Streaming: Stream conference videos and presentations to capture a larger audience.


Superevent offers a simple and transparent pricing structure for events. 

Attendify alternatives: Superevent pricing

Small events with up to 50 attendees are free, while larger events are priced based on the number of attendees. Additional add-ons, such as a branded mobile app and live streaming packages, are available to enhance the event experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Superevent allows event planners to quickly set up and publish their event app without needing training or IT skills.
  • The freemium pricing model offers a risk-free option for event planners to try out the app.
  • Support is available in multiple languages.


  • Event planners must allocate time to set up the app independently or pay Superevent for assistance.

Rating: 2.8 stars out of 59 reviews

Alternative #2: EventX

EventX is an event management platform that offers a comprehensive solution for organizing successful events. 

Attendify alternatives: EventX user-interface


It provides features like end-to-end event management, including check-in and a virtual networking lounge. EventX supports in-person, virtual, and hybrid events and offers a 5-second check-in feature.


  • In-Person Events: A hassle-free event management system that efficiently supports and manages your in-person events.
  • Virtual Events: Bridge the online gap with virtual conference solutions, allowing you to host interactive virtual events and conferences.
  • Hybrid Events: Combine the advantages of physical and virtual events to create an extraordinary event experience that reaches in-person and online attendees.
  • China Network Accessibility: Join events in China without VPNs, ensuring smooth access to your event content.
  • Event Web App: Access your event information and features right at your fingertips through its user-friendly web application.
  • Badge Printing: Say goodbye to the headaches of pre-printing and sorting badges. The system simplifies the badge printing process for your event.
  • Localized Platform and Support: Enjoy localized support in your local language, timezone, and payment options.


Pricing details are not provided. Contact sales for a quote.

Pros and Cons


  • Well-designed and intuitive interface for easy use
  • Streamlines the event management process effectively
  • Can create event registration forms
  • Check-in can be done via QR code scanning, searching, or walk-in registration


  • Lack of additional features for speaker management 
  • Online chat rooms can feel intimidating for some people

Rating: 3.5 out of 48 reviews

Alternative #3: Eventspace By SpotMe 

Attendify alternatives: SpotMe user-interface


Eventspace by SpotMe is an enterprise event platform that offers branded mobile event apps, personalized journey features, networking and messaging tools, and interactive features like polls and quizzes. It supports in-person, hybrid, and virtual events and has received positive customer reviews.


  • Event Management: Easily manage and scale events with features like registration, check-in, tracking, and reporting.
  • Onsite Services: Enhance events with event builder tools and engagement features.
  • Attendee Engagement: Create interactive experiences with SpotMe Anywhere, activity feeds, polls, networking, and gamification.
  • Mobile Event Apps: Transform events with personalized agendas, push notifications, custom branding, and CRM integrations.


SpotMe offers pricing plans tailored to different needs: Starter, Business, Advanced, and Enterprise. 

Attendify alternatives: SpotMe pricing

Each plan includes unlimited participants and admins, desktop web + iOS/Android app, streaming, breakouts, and 80+ engagement features. For specific pricing details and to request a demo, it is best to contact SpotMe directly.

Pros and Cons


  • Built-in low-latency streaming solution and video conferencing
  • Offers many branding opportunities for organizers and exhibitors
  • Supports up to 1,000 interactive participants (speakers) and up to 10,000 listeners
  • Around-the-clock support


  • Does not support payments out of the box
  • CMS has a steep learning curve
  • Analytics data can be spotty in some areas

Rating: 4.4 out of 14 reviews

Alternative #4: Eventsquid 

Eventsquid is an event software that handles live, virtual, and hybrid events. It offers customizable registration experiences, smart registration items, and better event organization.

Attendify alternatives: Eventsquid user-interface


For live events, it provides a mobile web app, native QR scanning, and badge freedom. Communication tools enable targeted messaging, while the Virtual Event Organizer simplifies virtual events. Eventsquid also offers data reporting capabilities and comprehensive customer support. 


  • Event Registration: Automate event registration with custom prompts, payment methods, and registration offerings.
  • Website and Mobile App Creation: Lead with a clean, modern design using your colors and branding—no programming required.
  • Exhibitor Sales: Simplify exhibitor sales and management with dedicated sponsor pages and sponsor tiles.
  • Attendee Communication: Integrated communication center for email and text communication with attendees.
  • Agenda Management: Curate session information, speakers, CE data, check-in/out, session rating, and speaker ratings in one screen.
  • Surveys: Create and deliver customized surveys to gather feedback from attendees.
  • Volunteer Signup: Manage volunteer sign-ups and assignments.


Eventsquid offers affordable and transparent pricing for its software, starting at $4,425 for 501(c)(3) organizations with approximately 400 annual registrations. They provide unlimited admin user seats, live guidance, and discounts for non-profit organizations.

Pros and Cons


  • Carefully planned and executed features
  • Excellent customer service
  • Online site for attendees' personal agendas
  • Responsive customer support


  • Confusing exhibit booth layout section
  • Initial event setup can be a little confusing
  • Some payment options may cause frustration

Rating: 4.8 out of 104 reviews

Alternative #5: Webex Events 

Webex is a comprehensive suite of products and solutions designed to facilitate virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. It offers a range of features and functionalities to enhance event management and attendee engagement.

Attendify alternatives: Webex user-interface


With Webex Events, event professionals can manage events end-to-end on a single platform, switch seamlessly between in-person and virtual formats, and access detailed data for attendee engagement and ROI measurement.


  • Virtual Events: Host interactive virtual events with multi-track agendas and attendee networking.
  • Registration & Ticketing: Build branded registration with flexible ticketing options and instant payouts.
  • Mobile Event App: Provide attendees access to event content through a customizable app.
  • Onsite Solutions: Power seamless in-person event check-in, badge printing, lead retrieval, and live display.
  • Live Streaming: Professional-grade live streaming and video hosting for events.
  • Branding & Customization: Customize the event look and feel.
  • Audience Engagement: Native tools like chat, polls, and gamification for interactive events.


Webex’s pricing is based on plans and attendee counts.

Attendify alternatives: Webex pricing

Webex Webinars ($68.75+/user/mo) is designed for virtual event management and starts with a limit of 1,000 attendees. Webex Events (custom) is designed to support any kind of event format.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface for both attendees and event organizers
  • Customizable features and design options
  • Seamless integration with other tools like Zoom, YouTube, and Vimeo
  • Easy content upload and management


  • There are some issues with video streaming on the user’s end
  • Limited live streaming capabilities
  • Room for improvement in the live chat integration with other platforms
  • Games cannot be scheduled to open at specific times

Rating: 4.6 out of 22 reviews

Alternative #6: Splash Event 

Splash is a modern event platform designed for event professionals. 

Attendify alternatives: Splash Event user interface

It offers a range of solutions to create, manage, and market events, helping businesses grow and enhance their brand. With intuitive tools, powerful templates, and simple integrations, Splash simplifies event management and saves time. It also amplifies your brand by creating stunning event programs and engaging your audience at every touchpoint.


  • Templates: Splash offers templates built to showcase your brand at every touchpoint of the attendee journey.
  • Measure: Splash helps measure event ROI and program effectiveness with in-depth analytics and reporting.
  • Design: Splash allows for cohesive branding from invitations to confirmation emails and post-event experiences.
  • Guest List: Splash provides data to engage the right prospects and customers for events and track event performance.
  • Integrations: Splash offers effortless integrations with existing tech stacks for real-time data.
  • Team Management: Splash provides features for team collaboration and management.


Splash offers multiple pricing plans for users based on their needs. 

Attendify alternatives: Splash Event pricing

The plans range from free (for personal use and small business events), Basic for individuals and small teams, Pro for more design and access control, and Enterprise for solutions and workflows at scale. Each plan offers different features and capabilities to cater to various event hosting requirements.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and set up event landing pages
  • Customizable templates for branding and design
  • Real-time data and analytics for tracking event performance
  • Helpful customer support and account management


  • Some limitations in customization options
  • Occasional issues with email replies not being received
  • Formatting inconsistencies in the layout editor
  • Lack of certain features like lead retrieval and speaker/sponsor management
  • Support is limited to email only

Rating: 4.6 out of 114 reviews

Alternative #7: CONREGO

Attendify alternatives: CONREGO user interface


CONREGO is an event registration software that aims to simplify event management for both in-person and virtual events. It offers a range of features and services to help event organizers save time and streamline their processes.


  • Event Registration Software: Ready-to-use solution for attendee registration.
  • Manage Multiple Events: Handle multiple events simultaneously with a contact database and a simple creator for adding new events.
  • Virtual Event Platform Set-up: Run online conferences with website branding, streaming panel, and training for the event team.
  • Event Access Controls: Control attendee flow and restrict access to specific zones at the venue or virtual event platform.
  • Onboarding & Training: Receive training on using the software for registration management, website updates, and mailing campaigns.


CONREGO offers different pricing plans to cater to various event management needs. 

Attendify alternatives: CONREGO pricing

The Premium Plan, priced at €73/month, provides a comprehensive solution for easy and secure event registration. The All-In-One Plan, priced at €107/month, is the most popular option and includes all the features needed to manage attendees before and during the event, along with the CONREGO Check-in app.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable options for different event needs
  • Excellent customer support and service
  • Ability to handle large-scale events efficiently
  • Easy generation of reports and export to Excel


  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Some features may not be intuitive at first
  • Interface could be more intuitive and improved
  • Initial website setup may require assistance
  • Price may be relatively high compared to other options

Rating: 5 out of 40 reviews


Choosing an alternative event management app is no easy feat. As we’ve seen, there are tons of options—each with pros and cons. 

However, for those seeking a comprehensive event management platform with advanced features, Superevent is a powerful option with its robust tools, customization options, and seamless integration capabilities.

Create your event for free or book a demo to experience the Superevent platform.

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