8 Medical Event Marketing Ideas for a Five-Star Medical Event

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July 25, 2023

Medical event marketing is the planning, organizing, and execution of an event to promote a brand, service, or product in the medical industry. When medical event marketing is done right, the result benefits the speakers and enriches the attendees' lives.

At Superevent, we specialize in delivering stellar professional events in both the scientific and medical fields. And today, we’re going to discuss eight marketing efforts to consider for a medical event that’s sure to get excitement around your event brewing.

What is Medical Event Marketing?

Medical event marketing focuses on promoting and marketing events in the medical industry. Medical events allow healthcare professionals, industry experts, researchers, and stakeholders to exchange knowledge on medical and healthcare advancements and emerging trends. Additionally, businesses can showcase and promote medical products and services in an educational and entertaining way at conferences, networking workshops, seminars, symposiums, and healthcare events.

When planning a highly immersive and engaging medical event, consider the Superevent platform. You can design a customized and easy-to-use app to accompany the event for guest engagement. From an easily customizable mobile event app, users can access a whole host of information, including upcoming guest speakers, event schedules, and more.  

Create your event on Superevent in a few clicks for events your guests will keep praising.

How Can Medical Event Marketing Benefit You?

Here’s how medical event marketing and hosting medical events can benefit you as a reputable event planning professional.

  • A great way to build trust in the medical events community: The medical community expects professional and valuable events. Delivering the proper marketing material, with a focus on the seminars, speakers, and conferences that are going to provide the most value to your attendees, is a surefire way to increase trust amongst the medical community.
  • Reach the target audience of medical professionals: Medical event marketing ensures you attract guests and speakers interested in the medical and healthcare field. To ensure your event attracts the right people, consider researching the type of events a medical audience prefers to attend, why they participate in such events, and what they expect.
  • Brand awareness: Marketing a medical event will significantly enhance your visibility and reputation in the professional events community. Hosting such events allows you to showcase your event marketing expertise and commitment to progress in the medical field. You can attract more sponsors and stakeholders by positioning your brand as authoritative in professional events.

Things to Consider When Organizing Medical Event Marketing

Marketing tone

For medical event marketing, we recommend a more professional tone. More simplistic branding (nothing too flashy) with a focus on learning would be the best tactic here. This also goes for the language used in any ads or emails. It’s best to get straight to the point, highlighting the value you can bring to attendees quickly. After all, many in the medical industry have incredibly busy schedules, so you want your marketing material to be short, sharp, and snappy! 

Targeted Marketing

While you could cast as wide a net as possible to catch prospective attendees’ attention, you’d find it difficult to fill up your events! That’s not to mention the extra-budgetary costs involved in such a wide-reaching campaign. 

While it can be tempting to send event marketing material out to as many people as possible, a more targeted approach would be far more effective. That’s why you need to ensure you’re targeting members of the medical industry as much as possible, as they’re much more likely to fill up seats at your event! 


One of the major factors that can completely derail all of your marketing efforts, budget is something you need to keep an eye on. Promoting a medical event can be expensive, so you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got enough funds to carry you to the end. 

Medical Event Marketing Ideas 101

1. Sign Up for the Perfect All-in-One Event Platform

Before you begin, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got a good event platform under your belt. They’re used for assistance in keeping on top of the countless planning details. All-in-one platform Superevent streamlines your event planning process to produce five-star medical conferences, summits, and networking events.

You can set up your event using our intuitive dashboard and create a dedicated mobile event app to build momentum and hype surrounding your event. Use the event app to communicate seamlessly with guests and inform them about updates and changes. Furthermore, all attendee communications are centralized so you can learn more about your target audience for personalization ideas.

And if this is your first major event, don’t worry. Organizers love the Superevent team for their end-to-end assistance in setting up professional events.

2. Paid Ads Marketing

Consider the paid ads marketing option. Focus on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, as these are the most popular platforms medical and healthcare professionals frequent.

Also, try banner ads, popular medical newsletters, and blogs. The more visibility, the better. Your audience will be more intrigued by an event that covers the topics they’d be interested in if they repeatedly see your event ad.

Video Ads

Video ads are a powerful way to spread the word about your unmissable high-quality medical event. Also, video can be used to advertise your brand authority and expertise in successful events in this domain. McKesson uses a whiteboard animation style for engagement. You could use a similar style to explain to your audience what they’ll gain from attending your event.

Picture ads

Picture ads are usually included in marketing emails for medical events, allowing you to hook users immediately. Make sure that your picture ads reflect the tone of the event you’re going for, with appropriate branding and CTAs. 

For instance, the picture ad below is a great example, going with a relevant color for the topic at hand, and includes a simple, but effective CTA. Additionally, the educational benefits are highlighted clearly, which helps detail some of the opportunities for learning which medical communities value.

3. Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular professional platform, with approximately 7.1 million healthcare professionals. Therefore, leverage LinkedIn to drive more like-minded guests to your event.

Consider building interest through a LinkedIn following. Write focused blog posts discussing topics of interest in the medical industry, and link these posts back to your website or event app.

What’s more, LinkedIn is considered a powerful resource for medical professionals. It’s a popular platform for current industry news and trends and to connect to healthcare professionals. Reach out to prominent people via their LinkedIn profiles within the industry and ask whether they’d be happy to help promote your event by sharing your content.

4. Press Release

With a press release, you can deliver as many details about the event to your target guests and entice them to purchase a ticket. Consider emailing it to favored online medical journalists. Find out who you need to follow on Twitter and reach out to them directly.

5. Create Event-Specific Branding

If you intend to turn your event into a recurring one, consider specific branding to make this event stand out from the others you deliver. When your medical events have dedicated branding, they become recognizable in the medical community. Your guests know what to expect from the event and are more influenced to attend.

We especially like this example from Vine Natural Health Center, which uses the company’s distinctive color palette, to create a simple, but visually appealing ad.

6. Segmented Email Lists

Be sure to use segmented email lists for your email marketing strategy.  If you're holding a Breast Cancer Awareness event, you’ll be more likely to sell tickets to breast cancer specialists than to a specialist in Colorectal cancer, for example. Or to a specialist for a non-cancer disease.

Segmented lists ensure you send relevant and personalized event information to the right professionals to boost engagement and ticket sales.

7. Partner With Local Businesses

Consider collaborating with a local business in the healthcare space to help increase exposure for everyone involved. For example, if your event is about healthy eating for disease prevention, you could approach the food stores local to the event’s venue and ask them to display your event ad flyers in their shop and website. In exchange, you’ll advertise their business on websites and event apps.

The local health centers and hospitals are other ideal places to advertise. You can spread awareness among the patients and medical staff working there. Patients trust their doctors and could be more influenced to attend your immersive learning experience backed by their local practice.

8. Use an Event App to Build a Community and for Engagement

Building a community around your events can be challenging but worthwhile. The whole event experience is enhanced when your guests find great opportunities through networking, new friendships, and a sense of belonging. Besides social media, an event app is the easiest way to build a community for your events. It encourages engagement before, after, and during the event with features like chat, polls, Q & As.

Event experience trimmings like an event app are ideal for getting the most engagement from your in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. Use the Superevent platform to create an event app to accompany your event without needing technical knowledge. You’ll make a lasting impression on your attendees, so they’ll want to attend any professional event you organize.

Consider Superevent for Epic Medical Events

Good medical event marketing helps you cut through the noise and find people interested in attending your event. Advertise on professional platforms such as LinkedIn or networking sites like Facebook, and consider advertising in local healthcare centers to attract your target audience. Then Superevent will step in to help you deliver the best medical event experience possible.

At Superevent, our powerful tools and features are the best for event hosting, leaving your first-time guests super impressed and excited to attend the next one.

Create a free event or book a demo to see how Superevent can help you and your teams. If you’re not quite ready to create an event, consider signing up for our short email course for the best actionable tips in event organizing.

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