Hybrid Event Platforms: 10 Best Tools To Host Memorable Hybrid Events

Running an interactive and engaging hybrid event is the holy grail of event organizers. That’s because 71% of conference managers say connecting in-person and remote attendees is the biggest challenge.

Therefore, choosing the best hybrid event platform to delight your audience and increase their engagement is vital. That’s why, in this article from Superevent, we look at the best hybrid event platforms on the market. 

We’ll go over their key features so that you can make an informed choice on the best platform to host your hybrid event. Let’s get into it!

What  Is a Hybrid Event Platform?

A hybrid event platform is a medium that empowers you to host in-person and remote attendees simultaneously. It enables you to break the physical barriers between these audiences by bringing them together to collaborate and interact. 

Hybrid event platforms provide you with the tools you need to get these audiences engaged, with the likes of live streaming capabilities and live chat helping to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual audiences.

Why Are These Tools Important?

If you’re hosting a hybrid event, you’ll need the proper tools to manage it effectively. Let’s take a look at why these tools are so important. 

Provides Data-Driven Insights.

You can gain valuable insights into the performance of your event by using a hybrid event platform. Hybrid event platforms provide all the information you need on crucial KPIs like:

The registration to participation rate: Measures the number of registered attendees versus the number of those who actually turned up. 

Engagement rate: It looks at the participants’ engagement at various points during an event. 

Technical resolution rate: It measures the number of technical setbacks audiences experience and the number of tickets raised and resolved.

Attendee satisfaction rate: It tracks attendee satisfaction and whether they would attend another event.

Event conversions: This metric examines whether you achieved your overall event objectives.

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Event Branding Made Easy

Another benefit of a hybrid event platform is that it allows you to use custom logos and other visuals that identify your organization. As a result, potential attendees won’t even realize you’re using a third-party medium.

Greater Audience Engagement

Because hybrid events use hybrid meeting technology, online and in-person participants can engage with each other as they would face-to-face. The hybrid digital tools promote a flow of ideas and information between in-person and online attendees. 

For example, Interactive tools such as gamification, polls, Q&As, and live interviews enable participants to discuss and share views and insights during the event. These can even keep engagement levels high during breaks or speaker changes, which helps prevent fatigue amongst your guests and keep them interested.

Hybrid Events Benefits Can Increase Your Event ROI

Harnessing the power of a hybrid event platform can double your event ROI because of the following advantages: 

  • You can raise awareness about the event before it starts and survey the attendees after. 
  • It’s possible to make follow-up online events, allowing you to gather key insights on your event performance.
  • You can create on-demand content by repurposing your event.
  • Q&As, live polling, and gamified activities can elevate engagements.
  • You can track the event’s performance by assessing hybrid meeting statistics.
  • It can improve your sponsorship revenue by providing sponsors with value. For example, you can offer ad space for interested companies. 
  • You can enjoy countless opportunities for advertising and enhancing brand visibility.

What You Should Look For In a Hybrid Event Platform

An event management platform must have several capabilities to provide your audiences and sponsors with positive results. Let’s explore some of these capabilities.

Session accessibility

To ensure your hybrid meeting is accessible to virtual or in-person attendees, it must operate from a single event agenda. For example, an online keynote should welcome in-person and remote attendees.

Also, the participants should be able to use their mobile applications to view the session as they travel to the conference venue. As soon as they arrive at the site, they should locate appropriate meeting rooms without hassle.

Attendee tracking

Another crucial feature you should consider is a hybrid event platform’s ability to monitor attendees during meetings. It helps you gain insights into what topics you can present next time.

As a result, choose a channel that provides you with an attendee tracking feature. It works effectively with surveys and automatically tracks active participants in specific discussions.

You can use the feedback to conduct a survey or reach out to those groups of people on the hybrid event platform itself. 

Event Mobile Application

With 85% of Americans owning smartphones, picking a hybrid event platform with a mobile app is a must. Attendees can access the conference anywhere and interact with each other on the mobile app. 

Furthermore, the mobile software must offer Q&As, chat, polls, and video interaction features to help participants enjoy a fruitful experience. A social feed integration is a great addition, as audiences can use this feature to share their ideas and thoughts instantly.

In-House Technical Support

Some conference venues offer in-house technical support to help you with production and technical aspects. That means you can zero in on other essential tasks to make your hybrid event a success.

Flexibility in Pricing

The cost of using a hybrid event platform is also crucial to consider. Find a budget-friendly hybrid event tool that provides you with the primary features you need to run effective conferences.

A hybrid event platform with a paid subscription is better because it lets you host many people and centralize event management. Also, some event management platforms can provide you with templates to build and manage your meetings.

10 Best Hybrid Event Platforms

Hybrid event companies offer a wide range of services, so it can be challenging to select one that fits your conference goals and meets your needs. To save you the trouble, here’s a list of the top 10 hybrid event platforms. The selection is based on their functions, features, and pricing.

#1: Superevent – Best All-in-one Event Platform

Graphical user interface, Superevent website

Superevent is a complete event management platform that powers in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Its web and mobile applications allow you to build your own app to run summits, networking events, virtual conferences, and more.

Its user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to set up and host engaging seminars for your participants. In addition, the platform comes with an easy price plan based on the number of event attendees, meaning whether you’re hosting a large or small event, you’ll be able to find a price that suits you. Plus, for those hosting micro-events of less than forty attendees, you can use Superevent for free.

Key Features

Mobile application: Supervevent’s mobile application ensures your attendees can access the conference through an event mobile app. You can create your meeting app within seconds.

Interactive: Real-time chats, Q&As, and videos improve interactions between in-person and virtual participants.

Branding: Superevent offers the opportunity for a branded app. That way you get your very own app in the app stores, including logo and name.


Superevent offers free and paid subscription models. There’s no fixed price for their premium plan; instead, you’ll be priced based on the number of attendees at your event. Plus, the free plan is incredibly comprehensive, providing all features at no extra cost, as long as your event has forty attendees or less. 

Superevent pricing plan


  • Easy to create and promote your event app without technical experience
  • Offers a free subscription
  • Supports several languages 


  • Branded apps can take longer to create because of Apple and Google review time
  • Less suitable for big expos or tradeshows

#2: Stova – For Enterprise Companies

Graphical user interface, Stova website

If you’re looking for an effortless way to manage your events, Stova is the perfect platform to hold captivating virtual and hybrid events. It’s a cloud-based meeting and event management channel that helps you run events from start to finish.

Key Features

Attendee Networking: Virtual booths, virtual event games, group chat channels, and more encourage remote and in-person attendees to build connections.

Attendee Registration: Templates, multilingual capabilities, and several payment options make it easy for people to sign up for your event. 


You can request a demo to test the product, where you’ll be given a quote based on the number of registrants to your event. 

Stova pricing plan


  • Dashboard for analytics and reporting
  • Ticket tracking
  • Easy attendee registration 


  • Unfriendly user-interface
  • Technical software glitches

#3: InEvent – For Live Agencies

Graphical user interface, InEvent website

InEvent is an event management platform for live agencies to host meetings, TV-like broadcasts, and virtual events. It lets you hold successful meetings by managing registration, promotion, tickets, and payments.

Also, the hybrid event solution helps you promote your event through email campaigns, landing pages, and more.

Key Features

Event Agendas and Schedules: You can use this feature to create a list of event activities with sponsors, speakers, names, descriptions, materials, etc. 

Advanced Reporting: A live dashboard gives you insights into your hybrid event’s performance. You can see statistics on downloads, enrolled people, live people, engagement, online people, checked-in people, and more.


InEvent has several pricing plans, each with different features. The first plan offers a live studio, a virtual lobby, analytics, etc. With the V&H Pro plan, you can get badge printing, email and communication analytics, and more. The last plan includes customer support. All plans offer a free trial, so you can at least test it out before you buy.

InEvent pricing plan


  • Friendly admin interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy to learn and implement


  • Not easy to navigate
  • Sales reps lack in-depth product knowledge

#4: SpotMe- For Enterprise Business

Graphical user interface, SpotMe website

Another powerful hybrid event platform that allows you to run engaging meetings is SpotMe. It’s a popular solution for businesses that are more focused on webinars. 

With this event channel, you can host webinars and other high-touch events. You can also enhance your conferences by using its video production and app-building features. 

Key Features

Engagement and Interaction: Live polling and question-and-answer (QA) sessions enable each participant to have meaningful contributions during the hybrid event.

Event planning: This feature allows you to register your attendees, create a personalized agenda, make announcements, and automate event alerts.


SpotMe’s pricing model caters to different business levels, from starters to enterprise organizations. The starter plan offers you up to two virtual, hybrid, or in-person events. You can get up to five conferences on the business plan and up to 25 meetings with the last plan. A demo is available.

SpotMe pricing plan


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Offers valuable data insights
  • Engaged audiences


  •  Slows down during high traffic

#5: Hopin – For Start-Up Business

Graphical user interface, Hopin website

If you want a 5-in-1 event management platform, Hopin is the right candidate for your business. You can use its StreamYard to create a live stream, its Session to host a webinar, and its Hopin Events to hold a hybrid or virtual event.

Furthermore, Streamable lets you share videos to improve engagement. As a cloud-based event platform, Hopin helps you plan, organize, and promote your remote, in-person, and hybrid meetings.

Key Features

Referral Tracking: This feature is available in your event dashboard and lets you create unique links for speakers or any attendee to monitor the ticket sales they generate for your meeting.

Form Builder: Hopin’s Canvas enables you to develop customized event websites without technical experience. 


The platform’s pricing includes a freemium, which lets you host unlimited events with up to 100 registrations/events. Advanced plans with detailed analytics, CRM and API integrations, and more are available upon request.

Hopin pricing plan


  • High-level engagements and networking
  • Easy integration and interface


  • Lack of live customer support during events
  • Weak reporting analytics

#6: Bizzabo – For Event Experience OS

Graphical user interface, Bizzabo website

Bizzabo is another great event management platform with a sleek interface due to its intuitive Event Experience OS. You can use it to host productive in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

Key Features

Event Management: You can use features like ticketing, registration, an event app, an event website builder, networking tools, etc. to plan and manage your seminar. 

Sponsors and Exhibitors: Bizzabo’s sponsor tool empowers you to communicate with your partners via automated emails and tasks.


The company has one usage-based pricing plan, which is based on the number of events, the number of participants, selected features, and more. You need to request a demo to know the fee structure.

Bizzabo pricing plan


  • Fast mobile app
  • Intuitive web interface
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Poor reporting analytics
  • Customer representatives lack in-depth product knowledge
  • Expensive

#7: Cvent – For Small Events

Cvent is an excellent engagement platform for managing events for small audiences. It’s a cloud-based product that makes it easy to handle venue sourcing, virtual event registration, payment processing, and budget management.

You can also use its reporting analytics to monitor the attendance of participants over several sessions.

Key Features

Event Promotion: This feature allows you to plan and promote your event by creating personalized marketing and event websites.

Workflow Management: You can use Cvent’s Spend and Workflow Solutions to automate the event planning process and manage meeting workflows.


The pricing is based on the type of event you want to run. You can get a plan for up to 1-5 events or an event type, such as a roadshow or trade show program. The second plan covers end-to-end event management for large or high-volume events.

In the advanced plan, you get a strategic approach to managing your entire event program in any format.

Cevnt pricing plan


  • Efficient customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Reporting analytics


  • Poor user interface
  • Not easy to customize

#8: Eventmobi – For Event Networking

Graphical user interface, Eventmobi website

Eventmobi is one of the older hybrid platforms, with over a decade on the market. As a cloud-based event management solution, Eventmobi is suitable for businesses of any size.

You can use its suite of features like event apps, live polls, registration, check-in, and gamification to manage interactive conferences. 

Key Features

Onsite Engagement: The tool’s app helps you keep your participants engaged through interactive games and challenges.

Sponsorship Revenue: You can create in-app banner ads for sponsored sessions, games, or notifications.


The pricing differs depending on the type of event you want to host. You’ll need to complete an online form to get more pricing details.

Eventmobi pricing plan


  • Easy to use
  • Fast and customizable
  • Responsive customer service


  • Steep-learning curve for users with weak tech skills
  • Poor reporting analytics

#9: vFairs – For Organizations of All Sizes

Graphical user interface, vFairs website


Regardless of your business size, you can harness the power of vFairs to hold memorable conferences and trade shows. It’s a virtual events platform perfect for in-person, hybrid, and remote seminars, including online job fairs. 

VFairs has nifty features, such as chat and virtual job boards, live webinars, networking tools, and digital content management.

Key Features

Event Builder: Use this feature to create your event with a custom logo, custom registration forms, ticketing, custom landing pages, and more.

Chat and Networking: You can improve networking through vFairs’ embedded live chat rooms, video and audio calls, host topic round tables, etc.


Its subscription plan is available upon request. There’s an online form you can fill in to get more information about the pricing model.

vFairs pricing plan


  • Responsive customer service
  • Detailed reporting analytics
  • Great networking opportunities


  • Inaccessible chat rooms and exhibitor booths
  • Poor video production

#10: Hubilo – For Midsize Business

Graphical user interface, Hubilo website

Hubilo is a brilliant virtual and hybrid event platform that helps to enhance engagement and drive sales. You can double the conversion rates of demos, watch parties, webinars, conferences, and in-person meetings.

Key Features

Advanced Reporting: This feature tracks event attendance, engagement, and feedback.

Virtual Experience: Attendees can use a virtual lobby to view sessions, access content, and chat with other participants.


Hubilo has three pricing plans, starting from advanced to enterprise. You get more features as you increase to premium, like gamification and advanced branding options, but the prices can be steep. This makes it unsuitable for those looking to host smaller events. 

Hubilo pricing plan


  • Offers branding opportunities for sponsors
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Lacks a feature to record videos
  • Limited integrations

Host Captivating and Engaging Hybrid Events With Superevent

A hybrid event platform is a key that unlocks the success of your conference. Opt for an event management solution with mobile and web applications, ticketing, event registration, and customizable capabilities to really give your event the edge it needs.

It should also empower you to host interactive virtual, in-person, and hybrid events with chats, live polls, and Q&A functions. A platform like Superevent offers web and mobile applications to host professional events, regardless of size.

With our freemium plan, you can leverage the latest hybrid meeting technology to create an event right away. Test it for yourself today! 

Ready to amaze your attendees?

Superevent will power your hybrid, virtual or in-person event with technology that will amaze your attendees. For you as organizer it will be a breeze to work with our software and team. Affordable, easy and happy attendees!